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Survival Academy brings you back to very basics. It´s all about excelling yourself and getting to know your limits. Nature letˇs you go and you can be yourself forgetting about daily problems. Conquering something that powerful what surviving is will get you mentally stronger.

Being in tough and difficult situation with someone and overcomeing it together will make a bond last for a lifetime. It´s all about faceing yourself and accepting your situation – learn from it and make it your toughness. When you are utterly alone bring close your mental toughness and from there only thing you have to do is going forward.

Survival Academy offers a variety of survival courses. Our main courses are:

  • 3-day survival course in the woods. Containing studying basic survival skills and being in the woods for 30 hours where you have to rely on your skills and make it out alive. Are you ready for it?
  • 24 hour adult course which is an intense course including dynamic activities and learning new survival skills. Once you have mastered some of the basics you need to put them to the test. Your goal is to stay alive and get rescued. Are you among these who thrive?
  • 24 hour family course for families who want to experience something new together. It´s about strenghtening your bond and achieving it together. This course is a perfect opportunity to learn primitive surviving and getting your kids to know how to manage without technology. This new experience is all you need to freshen up!
  • Daily courses for all ages above 10 year old. What would be better to spend a day in fresh air and learning cool new skills about surviving in the nature. Get concact with mother earth again in this 6 hour survival skill training packed with fun.
  • And ofcourse if you have any ideas yourself, get in contact and we can put together a special course just for you! Survival academy instructors have years of experience and we can combine you an adventure you will never forget.


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